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Hotjam is a cover band that offers great value for an evening’s entertainment of high quality music.  Its primary aim is for everyone to enjoy the night.  All the songs they cover have been extremely popular at one time or other, most having made it to number 1 in the charts.  The band considers that this is important as people generally like to listen to songs they recognise, and better still can sing and dance along to!

The band can provide any combination of musicians from 4 to 8-piece depending on the size of venue, requirements and budget.  All the musicians have had years of experience in playing together in this way.

A 4-piece makeup will typically be guitar, bass, keyboard and drums with all the musicians singing.  For the 8-piece a lead guitar and horn section (trumpet / sax / trombone) will be added, giving the sound the extra “wow” factor for your occasion.

The band can call from:

  1. Dave H - Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals

  2. Jemma - Lead Vocals

  3. Kev - Bass and Vocals

  4. Steve P - Drums and Vocals

  5. Steve J - Lead guitar

  6. Mark - Keyboards

  7. Dave P - Keyboards & Trumpet

  8. Karen - Saxophone

  9. Paul - Trombone